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Saxon Primary School

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    Why choose Saxon?

    Choosing your child's school is one of the most important decisions parents have and there are a myriad of issues to consider - some practical and some philosophical.  

    The starting point for our provision at Saxon is always the child.  We believe primary school plays an essential part in a child's future success and are committed to working in partnership with their parents to make this aspiration a reality.  We see 'success' as a rounded concept and understand truly effective provision seeks to ensure opportunities for success on many levels are part of that provision.  Whilst never veering from our absolutes that children must leave primary school with excellent literacy and numeracy skills (which will in turn enable their success at Secondary school), we also seek to offer a curriculum that is broad and full of enrichment opportunities - both in school time as well as after school - so that the chance to be successful comes in many ways.

    We know that a child's success at primary school is never just down to the school; it is the outcome of a true partnership which is based on mutual trust.  We work hard at that partnership with a variety of workshops and the opportunity to see the provision in action, all underpinned by efficient two-way communication systems.

    What some of our Reception parents have said at the end of their child's first year (July 2014)

    "I am so pleased we chose Saxon Primary for my child - the results of her achievements are superb!"

    "Saxon school wasn't our first choice school for our daughter but we are now so glad it was the school she got into.  We cannot fault one thing and we are so happy with her progress.  Thank you for making our daughter's first year of school a very happy one and we look forward to Year 1."

    "The teaching staff have been amazing and the communication from school to home has been brilliant - thank you"

    "I'm really pleased that my child has had such a good first year.  It's heartening to know she settled in so well as I was quite worried with her being one of the youngest.  Thank you for looking after my little girl so well."

    "We could not be happier with the school."

    The best way of finding out what a school is like is by coming and seeing it for yourself in action.  Our Open Sessions are an opportunity to come and see the school in action and meet with our Headteachers, Mrs. Davis and Miss Morris as well as our Executive Principal, Mrs. McCarthy and other members of the leadership team.   It is a chance for you to ask questions and get a 'feel' for the school.