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A Primary Trust for Primary Schools

Lumen Learning Trust

Saxon Primary School

    Read Aloud

    Who's Who

    Leadership Team  

    Mrs. M.E. McCarthy

    Executive Principal - Lumen Learning Trust

    Mrs. B. Davis


    Miss N. Morris


    Mrs. C. Vaughan

    Assistant Headteacher and EYFS Phase Leader

    Mrs. S. McCarthy

    Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Manager

    Miss P. Kober

    KS2 Phase Leader

    Mrs. S. Muir

    School Business Manager

     Office Staff

    Mrs. S. Muir

    School Business Manager

    Mrs. M. Howick

    Office Manager

    Mrs. C. Hughes

    Office Manager

    Mrs. R. Craig

    Office Assistant

    Mrs. S. Summers

    Office Assistant

    Ms. N. Gohil

    Office Assistant

     Teaching Staff

    Class & Teacher

    Teaching Assistants

    RV - Mrs C. Vaughan

    Mrs. E. George

    RD - Miss E. Dodd

    Mrs. Y. Leka, Ms. C. Longhurst &

    Mrs. M. Littleproud

    1K - Miss E. Shoemark

    Mrs. M. Croxford, Miss C. MacGregor

    1S - Miss A. Simmons

    Mrs. E. Aspinall, Miss C. MacGregor

    2D – Miss J. Doherty

    Miss M. Parsons, Miss C. Garcia de Sola, Mrs. H. Mohammed

    2W - Mrs. F. Williams

    Mrs. J. Hill, Miss C. Garcia de Sola, Mrs. C. Holloway

    3DM – Mrs. N. Morley

     & Miss G. Doughty

    Miss C. MacGregor

    3R – Miss L. Revels-Hull

    Mrs. S. Ricks

    Y4 - Miss S. Gauntlett

    Ms. D. Milgate, Mrs. Miss C. Garcia de Sola, Mrs. S. Ricks

    Y5 – Mr D. Howick

    Mrs. A. Edwards, Mrs. C. Holloway

    Y6 - Miss P. Kober

    Mrs N. Williamson, Miss N. Herron-Duke, Mrs. A. Davies

     Non-class based staff

    Mrs. Hartshorn

    Numbers Count Teacher

    Mrs. Dangel

    Music Teacher

    Mrs. Joshi

    French Teacher

    Mr Waters

    Sports Premium Mentor

    Mrs. Vango

    Literacy Support TA

    Mrs. E. Callow

    Literacy Support TA

    Mrs. Waldock

    Maths Support TA

    Mr Harker

    Site Manager

    Mrs. Wallace

    Pastoral Co-ordinator

    Mrs. Lumb

    Home School Link Worker

     ASC & BC

    Mrs. E. George

    ASC & BSC Manager

    Miss M. Parsons

    BSC Deputy Manager

    Mrs. L. Loveless

    ASC & BSC Assistant

    Mrs. E. Aspinall

    ASC Assistant

    Miss C. MacGregor

    BSC Assistant

    Children's Centre 

    Mrs. J. Scott

    Children's Centre Manager

    Mrs. H Gregory

    Outreach Worker

    Mrs. I Sheath


    Mrs. Z Curtis

    Communications Officer