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Pupil Medication Request

Where possible the need for medicines to be administered at school should be avoided. Parents are therefore requested to try to arrange the timing of doses to avoid lesson time and the subsequent impact on your child's learning. Please note, when medication is prescribed 3 times per day we will not be able to administer at school as this can be achieved outside school hours.

We will administer medicines to your child as close as possible between the hours of 12pm and 1pm only.

For general and prescribed medication, please ensure it is in its original packaging.

Please tick the appropriate box:*

I agree to update information about the child's medical needs held by the school and that this information will be verified by GP and/or medical Consultant. I will ensure that the medicine held by the school has not exceeded its expiry date.

Please record below the medication you wish your child to receive while at school.
Please note that if no completion date is recorded medicine will only be given to your child on the first day the form is submitted to the school office.

I wish for my child to receive the following medication:
 Name of medicineDoseTime required (am/pm)Start Date (dd/mm/yy)End Date (dd/mm/yy)Expiry date of medicine
Medicine 1
Medicine 2
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