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Healthy Lunches & School Meal Menus

Saxon Primary is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enables pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat.

We aim to:

  • Enable pupils to make healthy food choices through the provision of information and development of appropriate skills and attitudes.
  • Provide healthy food choices throughout the school day.

The school understands that snacks can be an important part of the diet of children and can contribute positively towards a balanced diet. After consultation with the children through the school council, it has been decided that fruit is the only snack that can be eaten at break time. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a piece of fruit every day as part of a government funded scheme. Children in Years 3,4, 5 & 6 are encouraged to bring in a piece of fruit from home to eat at break time.

If your child is under the age of 5, they are eligible for free milk through the subsidised school milk scheme. Please follow this link to sign up: www.coolmilk.com. Once your child turns five they are still able to have milk, however, there is a small cost. 

All children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school throughout the year, which they can keep on their desk. There are water fountains in every classroom as well as in each playground.

School dinners are catered for by ABM, who provide menus that meet the current standards for school lunches. In usual times at the beginning of each day children having school dinners choose from one of four options on the daily menu. There are always two hot meal options, one of which is suitable for vegetarians, and either a sandwich or a jacket potato, with two options for a filling. Fruit is always offered for pudding along with a sweet alternative.

The School Council have been working hard on helping children and their families to have healthier packed lunches. Through Class and School Councils the children have decided what a healthy lunch box looks like. The leaflet ‘Healthier Packed Lunches', which has been produced by the School Council, can be downloaded from this page, along with ‘Healthier Lunches for Children' which offers advice and useful tips to parents and carers and ‘Our Lunchtime Environment', an agreement of lunchtime expectations devised by the pupils.

Saxon School Council

We in the School Council have been working very hard to make our lunchtimes better. We have worked with all the children during Class Council time to find out what everyone thinks and want to make lunchtimes a really healthy and fun part of our day at school. In the playground we have made lots of changes and we now have zoned areas with lots of different equipment so that everyone can play what they want to play.

We also started to think about what happens in the lunch hall and carried out a survey to find out how healthy our lunchboxes are. We have found out that a lot of our lunchboxes are not very healthy and we wanted to help everyone to make a healthier choice. We worked with the teachers and decided to make some changes to help this to happen. These are the rules we have agreed between ourselves and with Mrs Davis and Miss Morris.

If we have a packed lunch we need to make sure it has:

  • A carbohydrate of some kind. For example, sandwich, pitta bread, wrap, crackers
  • A protein of some kind in the sandwich/pitta bread/wrap etc. For example, cheese, turkey, ham, tuna, chicken, beans, egg
  • At least one piece of fruit or vegetables

Other rules we have made are:

  • Only one small sweet treat (not sweets or chocolates) can be in the lunch box. For example, a cereal/muesli bar or a small chocolate biscuit bar (kitkat or penguin) or a small cake
  • We will not have crisps on Wednesdays
  • We will continue not to have fizzy drinks at all. All drinks in our lunchbox need to be low-sugar.
  • We will only have sweet fillings like jam in our sandwiches/pitta bread/wrap etc on Fridays
  • We will eat our puddings and sweet things last

We knew that some of these changes might have felt a bit strange to start off with and so we asked all the grown-ups in school and at home to help us all make healthier choices with our food. This will help us with our learning as well as helping us to grow into healthy adults!

Message from Saxon School Council

A recent audit of lunchboxes which took place during Feeling Good Feeling Fit week shows some great results in terms of our children's developing awareness of healthy choices. 84% of children now have fruit in their lunchbox; there has been a 20% decrease in the number of salted snacks being brought in; and an 11% increase in children who are choosing to have protein as a sandwich filler. Well done to the children and thank you to all the parents and other adults who are helping the children's understanding with these choices.

How to pay for your child's lunches

School meals can be paid for via our Tucasi - School Cash Office link: www.scopay.com/saxon

You will need an individual link code for your child. If you do not have one of these please contact the School Office.

2021/2022 Dinner Money Amounts

Daily £2.45 Weekly £12.25

Autumn I £90.65 (up to half term) Autumn II £85.75 Whole Term: £176.40

Spring I £68.60 (up to half term) Spring II £73.50 Whole Term: £142.10 

Summer I £68.60 (up to half term) Summer II £78.40 Whole Term: £147.00 

Whole School Year £465.50

Saxon Primary School