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As well as our local school policies that can be found in the right hand side menu, our school also adheres to a number of Lumen Learning Trust policies.

Please click here to visit our Lumen Policy Library which can be found within the Lumen Learning Trust website. The policy library includes guidelines from the Department for Education and Surrey County Council that are implemented across the Trust as well as information on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Lumen policies:

  1. LLT Animals in the learning environment policy
  2. LLT Anti-Bullying Policy
  3. LLT Behaviour Management Policy
  4. LLT Charging and Remissions policy
  5. LLT Communications Policy
  6. LLT Designated teacher for LAC
  7. LLT Early Years Policy
  8. LLT Educational visits policy
  9. LLT Emergency Closure policy
  10. LLT Equality Policy
  11. LLT E-safety Policy
  12. LLT First Aid policy
  13. LLT Food Policy
  14. LLT NQT Policy
  15. LLT Physical Activity Policy
  16. LLT Premises Hire Policy
  17. LLT RE Policy
  18. LLT Relationships & Sex Policy
  19. LLT Safe Holding Policy
  20. LLT Social Media for Schools Policy
  21. LLT Special Education Needs Policy
  22. LLT Whistleblowing Policy
  23. LLT Young Carers Policy
  24. LLT Concerns & Complaints Policy
  25. Complaints form appendix A
  26. Complaints form appendix B



Attached below is a link to our Saxon Addendum to Behaviour Policy May 2020

Saxon Primary School