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Saxon Primary School

RS, SMSC, Collective Worship & Assemblies

At Saxon Primary School the R.S. curriculum provides children with the opportunity to reflect, make judgements and query a wide range of different religious and non-religious beliefs. Within these lessons, children will have the right to have their own opinions and their responses valued. Sacred texts and places of worship will be a key focus to support their curiosity of what a religion involves. Children have the time to learn about each religion and we relish in focussing on religions that are in our school community. From this, children will have the skills to effectively question each religion so they know the key parts. Through assemblies the children have a chance to develop their understanding of social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues. Through this learning children will be exposed to different beliefs and values from their own and have the chance to consider different perspectives. This helps them to be successful citizens within the community as it supports their understanding of the world around them.


Saxon Primary School