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The Governing Body

Our Local Governing Body is made up of individuals appointed by the Trust Directors to fulfil the role.  We have two parent governor representatives and two staff representatives.  

Governors meet as a full Local Governing Body once a term.

Should you wish to write to the Chair of Governors please send c/o Saxon Primary School, Briar Road, Shepperton TW17 0JB and the office will ensure any post is sent directly on.

The present Local Governing Body comprises:

Mrs Wendy Sedgwick (Trust Appt. Governor Chair)    
Miss Nicola Morris (Headteacher Governor)    
Mrs. Bonnie Davis (Headteacher Governor)    
Mrs. Rosy Bletcher (Trust Appt. Governor)    
Ms. Luann Donald (Parent Governor)    
Mr Stuart Keasley (Parent Governor)    
Miss Jenny Doherty (Staff Governor)    
Mrs Natalie Williamson (Staff Governor)    
Mr Stewart Crook (Trust Appt. Governor)    
Mrs Effy Crawford (Trust Appt. Governor)    
Mr Stephen James (Trust Appt. Governor)    

Details of the governors terms of office can be found here Get Information About Schools

Clerk to Governors - Mrs Liz Wilkins clerktogovernors@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk

For further information on the Trust Governance Arrangements please visit the Lumen Learning Trust website by clicking on this link LLT Governance Arrangements

Board of Directors Chair - Ray Vango

Saxon Primary School