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Little Wandle Spelling Programme


Once the children have completed The Little Wandle Phonics programme in Year 2, they will begin The Little Wandle Spelling programme. This begins with a five-week review of Phase 5.

The Bridge to spelling teaches children how to ‘think about spelling’. Over five weeks, the children will complete the alphabetic code and learn the underpinning concepts of spelling. Once this learning is secure, children are ready to move on to the Year 2 Spelling units.

 The Spelling units follow the familiar structure of Little Wandle phonics lessons, supporting children to make links to their phonics learning. Little Wandle Spelling teaches children to consider etymology, morphology and grammar when spelling new words. The programme provides full coverage of National Curriculum spelling requirements.


KS2 – Jane Considine Spelling Programme


At Saxon Primary School, we feel strongly about supporting children to be brave spellers. We understand the importance of children learning to spell correctly, but we also want to engage and inspire children with a love of words. This is why we have implemented the Jane Considine approach to spelling which puts the children's love of words at the heart of learning to spell. 


Lessons encourage children to look deeply at words, draw and build upon their knowledge of phonics from KS1 and make connections with spellings or letter patterns that they may already know.


In all of our KS2 classes, the children will complete spellings on a two-week timetable. 

During Week 1 the children will have a spelling investigation to complete and will practice the spellings of 6 focus words. The investigation is where the children explore proving or disproving a spelling hypothesis.

During Week 2, the children will have five 10-minute sessions that will work on children practising and applying spellings under time pressure to support their ability to spell more accurately in lessons and other real-life writing scenarios. 


This approach is about helping children make plausible spelling choices in their writing that make sense and, even if not correct, have phonetical reasoning at the heart of the letter choices being made.


Please click on the link below to look through our Skills Progression Document, as well as other useful resources.

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