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We believe that everyone can be a successful mathematician and we aim to create learners that understand and think like mathematicians not just learners that ‘do maths.’  We aim to do this through developing children’s mathematical thinking, reasoning and fluency through learning opportunities where problem solving is at the heart.

Pupils follow the programme of mathematics detailed in the National Curriculum with a focus on deepening and enriching the children's understanding of mathematical concepts - Number, Geometry, Measurement & Statistics.  Teaching Maths through the use of resources and visual images is key to supporting the children’s development as mathematicians.  The children learn to have an understanding of mathematical principles on which they can build their future knowledge and develop a bank of strategies on which they can rely to solve problems.  Learning opportunities throughout the school are planned to ensure that children form concepts, develop skills, learn facts and acquire strategies that enable them to become successful mathematicians.  Importance is placed on mental maths skills, e.g. number bonds, multiplication tables which underpin their ability to problem solve.  Children are encouraged to talk about their mathematics and compare their ideas and methods with others.

We have our own Saxon Maths Website. Here you will find a range of games and resources to use to support your child's learning at home. Please click on the circle below to be taken directly to the site. 

Saxon Primary School