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Year 1 Archived Home Learning

Below you will find Home Learning resources that have previously been made available.

  1. Year 1 Oxford Owl Loginpdf File
  2. Year 1 Weekly Overview Week 1doc File
  3. Phonics Bingo WB 20.4.20docx File
  4. PDF Version Phonics Bingo WB 20.4.20pdf File
  5. Reading WB 20.4.20docx File
  6. PDF Version Reading WB 20.4.20pdf File
  7. Writing learning support WB 20.4.20docx File
  8. PDF Version Writing learning support WB 20.4.20pdf File
  9. Maths Learning WB 20.4.20docx File
  10. PDF Version Maths Learning WB 20.4.20pdf File
  11. PDF Version Year 1 Weekly Overview Week 1pdf File
  12. Weekly Overview Y1 Week 2doc File
  13. PDF Version Weekly Overview Y1 Week 2pdf File
  14. Maths Activties Week 27.4.20docx File
  15. PDF Version Maths Activties Week 27.4.20pdf File
  16. Science Learningdocx File
  17. PDF Version Science Learningpdf File
  18. Y1 Talk for Writing Booklet - Sidney Spiderpdf File
  19. Weekly Overview Y1 Week 3doc File
  20. PDF Version Weekly Overview Y1 Week 3pdf File
  21. Week 3 Phonics ear and airdocx File
  22. PDF Version Week 3 Phonics ear and airpdf File
  23. Reading activities Caterpillar Shoesdocx File
  24. PDF Version Reading activities Caterpillar Shoespdf File
  25. Maths Activties Y1 Week 4.5.20docx File
  26. PDF Version Maths Activties Y1 Week 4.5.20pdf File
  27. VE day buntingpdf File
  28. KS1 VE Day Powerpointppt File
  29. KS1 VE Day colouring pagepdf File
  30. Weekly Overview Y1 Week 4doc File
  31. PDF Version Weekly Overview Y1 Week 4pdf File
  32. Phonics - fill in the missing wordspdf File
  33. Week 4 Y1- Unit 2 Talk for Writing - Pippetydocx File
  34. PDF Version Week 4 Y1- Unit 2 Talk for Writing - Pippetypdf File
  35. powerpoint Jack and the Beanstalkpptx File
  36. Maths Activities Y1 Week 4docx File
  37. PDF Version Maths Activities Y1 Week 4pdf File
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